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Freak~A~Wear was initially started in the latter half of 2019 but only came to fruition on it's own in 2020. We're on our way to becoming a Benefit Corporation to ensure the environment and human rights come before profits.

To this end, we are doing everything we can from minimizing waste of fabrics to reusing materials and buying second-hand equipment. New materials are from America. The only slight exception to this is organic hemp because the hemp plant was only re-legalized in the US recently and it's difficult to source fully in the USA so some of it comes from Europe but, still from an American company.

Our main line is called M0dd3d R3duX which focuses on upcycling used clothing, making any necessarily repairs, then modifying and improving them. If you have anything you'd like to send us, get in touch!

In the future we will be branching out to a more traditional offering with newly made in the USA (and Canada) clothing in our own freaky styles.

Stay tuned for more updates about Freak-A-Wear, our products, the materials & equipment we use, our insights on the textile and fashion industries, and other such stuff!

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